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Big Garden Bird Watch on the Isle of Skye

Goldfinch on seed feeder

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

After making sure all the feeders were topped up for the birds at Home Farm Care Home in Portree, we played some games to help us get to know our birds. The SkyeLarks took up this challenge well, like they always do, and were soon ready to do the BIG Garden Bird Watch for real.

Our six young SkyeLarks, parents and leaders all used their binoculars to see what birds were in the Care Home grounds. We saw 3 brilliant blackbirds, 6 noisy house sparrows, 2 grumpy robins, 3 mimicking starlings, 3 cheery chaffinches, 1 little coal tit and a bright flash as a goldfinch landed on a tree in the garden. We learnt all about survey techniques and how to avoid double counting.

Our results were submitted to the RSPB via their website. They said to us ' We hope you enjoyed Big Garden Birdwatch 2013 - the world's biggest wildlife survey! Your results will help us learn more about garden birds. Thank you. Your count will be combined with those from thousands of other gardens around the UK, and after our scientists have done some serious number-crunching, we'll be publishing the results on our website at the end of March.' Welldone guys :-)

After patiently recording the birds, the SkyeLarks needed their toes warmed up. Luckily for us, the care home put on a spread of hot chocolate, crisps, cake, juice and more for us. It was really fantastic. Thanks again to Home Farm for allowing us to use their grounds and for this feast afterwards.