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August 2013

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Male redstart perched on branch

Our new programme

We have had a good summer and wish it could go on and on but our swifts will all be gone in the next few days and already returning migrants are passing through the West Midlands. And this is one reason for the early start to our new season of events as we are visiting Sutton Park on Wednesday 28th August. Our visit then is timed to, hopefully, see species such as flycatchers, redstart and wheatear as they make their way slowly back south as autumn approaches. Other local walks in our programme include visits to Earlswood Lakes, Bradnock's Marsh, the West Midland Bird Club's reserve at Ladywalk and Croxall Lakes/Whitemoor Haye. Croxall Lakes lie just across the river from the National Memorial Arboretum and so after our morning walk folk will be able to lunch at the pleasant cafe at the Arboretum and then perhaps look round the various memorials.
We have a wide range of talks, relating to such widespread venues as exotic Goa and the Caribbean to Eastern Europe and Merseyside. We also have return visits from photography expert Peter Preece and Peter Holden, co-author of the "RSPB Handbook of British birds" and co-presenter with Bill Oddie of the TV series "Birds in the nest". Of special interest will be the talk on wild bees and wasps in November, when our speaker will be Celia Davis -our first group leader and long term stalwart.
Our two coach trips this season are both to fantastic RSPB reserves on opposite sides of the country -Titchwell in Norfolk and Ynys Hir in West Wales. See the main RSPB website for full details of these two marvellous locations.
And finally to show that we are not solely stuck on wildlife how about joining us at one of our social events -our skittles night in November and our quiz evening in March.
Hope to see you.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Adult and children with book and binoculars birdwatching


In good time before the start of our 2013/14 programme of events on 28 August, nearly 100 volunteers, or probably more if we include enthusiastic children and grandchildren, who love to help, have distributed 2000 group newsletters to RSPB members from Castle Bromwich in the north of our borough to Henley-in-Arden to the south. We have always believed that it is important to communicate at least once a year with all RSPB members in the Solihull area even if many cannot get to our events. We like to let people know what we do and how they can gain even more from their RSPB membership by joining in local activities and meeting like-minded lovers of birds and wildlife.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Woodpigeon over water

Sick and injured birds

We are always receiving calls about sick and injured birds and particularly at this time of year when there are many young birds about. If you find an injured bird then you should contact either the RSPCA (see your directory or go on-line for your local branch) or the Barns Hill Wildlife Hospital - telphone number -0121 4266777. If your bird is a pigeon and has identifying rings on it then another useful number is that for Homing Pigeons - 01452 713529. There is also a parrot hotline! at 01754 820107
There is also information on sick and injured birds on the RSPB main site at