Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Salisbury Peregrines: FIRST CHICK!
First chick and 3 eggs

Salisbury Peregrines: FIRST CHICK!

The Salisbury Peregrines have their FIRST CHICK! Thanks to sharp-eyed, up early, loyal South Wilts RSPB Facebook follower Janice Clearly for spotting the female eating egg shell and a tiny white ball of fluff under her right wing at about 8am this morning on 29 April. We're off! HURRRRAAHHHH!

The first chick is a bit earlier than we were expecting but the female did incubate the eggs a lot from the very first one so they may hatch over a day or several. The female gave us all a look at her first ball of fluff as it took a star turn at about 10.15 - see the pic! She eats the egg shells to regain some of the calcium she expended in the eggs.

We need some nice stable weather for the first few days now. There'll be lots happening now so keep watching the webcams. Click the link.