Trip reports

Chorleywood House Dell Nature Reserve

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Around 20 people met in the car park for the start of the walk on a sunny morning, which clouded over later. A redkite was seen gliding over the car park, a few more were seen later on. Leading down into the dell, there were two ground feeding birds a mistlethrush and a redwing, further down the dell you could hear the sounds of finches and tits. A great-spotted woodpecker flew across landing high up in the trees followed by its call a treecreeper was seen near by,at the bottom of the dell was a wood sculpture area. We carried on out of the dell to a long open medow followed the path down to bottom and out onto track down to the river Chess (one of the chalk rivers in Hartfordshire). Buzzards were flying around above the trees on other side of river, also a heron flew overhead, a green woodpecker was seen flying across the river landing in some trees on other side followed by its call. We walked along one side of the river to the road bridge over to other side, backalong footpath to the boardwalk to cross over river. From which we saw mallard, moorhen, kingfisher, gray wagtail, skylark, long-tailed tit, blackheaded gull. From the boardwalk we went on another path which led up steep hill to a wooded path back across open field to car park.
List of birds seen :-
Redkite, Mistlethrush, Redwing, Blue tit, Robin, Great tit, Great-spotted woodpecker, Jackdaw, Treecreeper, Carrion crow, Blackbird, Wren, Magpie, Chaffinch, Woodpigeon, Dunnock, Jay, Nutchatch, Black-headed gull, Buzzard, Gray heron, Green-woodpecker, Mallards, Goldcrest, Rook, Kingfisher, Goldfinch, Gray-wagtail, Moorhen, Skylark, Long -tailed tit, Songthrush, Stockdove, Pheasant, Canada goose, Ring-necked Parakeet. (36)
Other-Fieldfare heard and Peacock seen.