Trip reports

Ynys-Hir May 12th 2019

Ynys-Hir May 12th 2019
Roger Griffiths

Monday, 20 May 2019

The trip to Ynys-hir took place in good weather with sunshine all day. We got off to a flying start with a wood warbler showing well in the car park next to the visitor centre; there was also a male pied flycatcher nearby and siskins on the bird feeder.

Warbler species were in good supply and, as well as wood warbler, we also saw chiffchaff, willow warbler, blackcap, garden warbler plus reed and sedge warbler; grasshopper warbler was heard reeling but not seen. Pied flycatchers were common and one of the group reported seeing spotted flycatcher.

On our arrival we heard a cuckoo calling on the opposite of the valley to the visitor centre. It kept calling on and off and was eventually seen in the tree tops on the reserve. On the western edge of the reserve a pair of nesting ravens gave good views as they flew over.

In the middle of the reserve there is an area of dead trees which was frequented by a tree pipit (and a whitethroat). Along the boardwalk stonechats kept appearing. Overhead we saw swifts and swallows.

An unexpected sighting was spoonbill which was roosting on one of the pools until late afternoon when it flew off. On the same pool redshank and lapwing were present whilst on the estuary there were shelduck and canada goose. Redstarts were quite elusive but at the end of the day a nesting pair was discovered using a tree not far from one of the main footpaths.