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July 2016

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Garden Plan

The RSPB is calling on people to help save nature this summer by getting involved in Giving Nature a Home, and doing at least one action for wildlife in their garden or outdoor space. Even a simple action such as creating a gap in your fence to allow hedgehogs to roam can have a big benefit, and enable you to see more wildlife.

The RSPB have created a new online digital tool that allows people to create their own personalised nature plan to help struggling wildlife in their area. All you have to do is enter your post code and answer three simple questions about your garden and how much time you are willing to spend. You will then be presented with some suggestions as to what to do eg putting out an old banana to give butterflies a treat.

Their fun suggestions will enable you to benefit nature as well as attracting more wildlife to your own garden. You can create your own personal plan and give nature a home near you at

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Brakeybank Meadows Day

Brakeybank Meadows Day

As part of National Meadows Day a group of us were taken round part of Tudeley Woods RSPB Reserve by Warden Nick Feledziak and then helped with spreading cut hay to seed on Brakeybank Meadow.

We were impressed with the amount of work that has been done there, and enjoyed good wildlife sightings. These included a golden-ringed dragonfly that buzzed us as we went past the old pond, and a pair of four-spot chaser. Later we had an azure damselfly and an emperor dragonfly was seen in the car-park. Butterflies seen included large white, red admiral, tortoiseshell, painted lady and meadow brown. We had a hairy shield bug, a carder bee and a lot of other insects. A grass snake was disturbed and hastily slipped away. Wildflowers included tormentil, marsh thistle, scarlet pimpernel, yellow pimpernel and a great many spotted orchid.

Some of the group carried out a survey of the meadow to see how well it was doing in terms of variety of grasses and wildflower. Others spread some of the previously-cut grass and plants over the bare earth which had been scraped away to improve the size of the meadow and get rid of some of the scrub. Hopefully some of the seeds in the cut hay will take root and replenish the area.