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September 2021

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Rally for Swanscombe

Rally for Swanscombe

More on the outrageous proposal to build a theme park on the Swanscombe Peninsula Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Swanscombe is a staggeringly rich site for nature and treasured by the local community. The invertebrate interest surpasses that at Canvey Wick (designated as a SSSI for that very reason) and the range of breeding birds is on a par with Minsmere.

The local Save Swanscombe campaign group are an incredibly passionate and driven group doing everything they can to show off the value of the site for people and wildlife as well as of course, highlighting the sheer lunacy of destroying over a hundred hectares of nationally important wildlife habitat and replacing it with hotels and rollercoasters.

A rally is being organised at Swanscombe for 10am on Saturday 2nd October We want to show as much support as possible for this campaign and all the organisations involved are spreading the word and asking as many people as possible to turn up. Please, if you can spare a couple of hours on that day, we would love to see you there. The meeting point is a short walk from two railway stations. See the link for more information.

If you are on social media, you could also help by following the group on Twitter or Facebook, or failing that you could just tell your friends and family through the good old-fashioned medium of conversation about what would be one of the largest losses of SSSI in England ever. One would hope that in the midst of a nature and climate emergency, the authorities would have the sense to see off such a bad idea before it gets any further traction.

... and a few miles down the road on the same day, there is a cider festival in support too, to further celebrate the delights of Swanscombe. It's from 10 am to 5 pm at Gads Hill farm, ME3 7NX, with music in the afternoon from Dartford Folk Massif.