Wigan RSPB Local Group welcomes new members and non-members at all events.

Each month from September to March there is an Indoor Meeting at which a nationally or regionally recognised speaker presents an illustrated talk on a topic of interest to those enthusiastic about wildlife issues. The talks are entertaining and informative and the quality of the photography stunning.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks are available at the interval and this presents new members and visitors with an excellent opportunity to meet existing members of the Group and to find out more about outdoor activities.

About 30 outdoor trips to bird sites are organised each year. Travel is by car with petrol costs shared where lifts are given. Most sites have free admission but some are dependent on membership and non-members may have to pay. Events are very seldom cancelled but it is always necessary for new members or non-members to phone the leader in advance to check details and book-in - a phone number is given for every outdoor event.

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