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October 2006

Saturday, 28 October 2006

Family watching garden birds

Feed the birds day

Once again members of the local group were out at Thurstaston Visitors Centre spreading the word to the public of the need to feed our birds. We emphasised the importance of the garden as a wildlife habitat and the need to feed birds all year round. Our message was very well received and we were encouraged by the number of people who wanted to learn more about birds and how to feed them.

Like last year, the children loved holding the mealworms and waxworms we had brought as an example of what many birds eat. The adults were less keen on holding these squirming mini beasts! Making bird feeders to take home also proved very popular, with more than one adult making their own! Having seen the food and talked about feeding birds, the public could then go into the hide and watch birds feeding at the feeding station run at the centre.

Our thanks go to the Ranger Service of Wirral Borough Council who allowed us to use their facilities for the day and gave us a huge amount of help and support.