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January 2007

Sunday, 21 January 2007

male stonechat perched on bramble

Where have all the birds gone?

They say that in politics a week is a long time. The same can be said for birdwatching! In the "dry run" of the groups first outdoor meeting of 2007, over 20,000 waders could be seen from West Kirby, many resting on the mud just off shore. Come the day of the meeting, just 7 days later, a howling gale reduced the number of waders close inshore to just 9 birds! However, the time was not wasted as we did manage to find an obliging male stonechat feeding on the marsh as well as distant views of goldeneye on the marine lake. In the distance we could see huge flocks of waders roosting on the lee side of the islands sheltering from the wind and with them a number of pale-bellied brent geese. Occasionally a flock of redshank, dunlin or knot would whip past us as they got caught in the wind. There is no doubt that we were disappointed, as the weather had ruined what was billed as a wader extravagansa, but birdwatching can be like that. Anyway there is always next time !