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October 2008

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Snipe perched on fence post

News Flash !

Despite the thick cloud cover, we arrived at Pennington Flash with high hopes of a good days birding. Things rapidly improved with the arrival of the catering van and its tempting fare ! The huge expanse of water making up the Flash was as flat as a mill pond, giving beautiful reflections of the many birds on and multi-coloured trees surrounding the waters edge. Huge numbers of tufted duck slept or fed on the water with a solitary scaup proving surprisingly difficult to see at times. Well over 20 great-crested grebe and up to 8 cormorant could be seen. Our first surprise was over 40 snipe seen from the first hide - good views of what amounted to the most snipe seen by us all at any one time - together with good numbers of shoveller, teal and the odd gadwall. A fleeting glimpse was seen of a Kingfisher and we all hoped it would make another appearance, but it never did. The hide overlooking the feeding station proved the best of all with 3 different willow tits; 5 bullfinch; 2 different greater spotted woodpecker plus many blue and great tits, greenfinch, chaffinch etc... all coming exceptionally close to the hide to feed. Perhaps the strangest sight of all was a grey wagtail standing on a post in the middle of one of the ponds. Yet again a trip to Pennington Flash has proved a hit with our members.