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January 2011

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oystercatcher wading in shallow water

Watch the Birdie ! What birdie ?

We arrived well in advance of the tide. We could see the large numbers of waders feeding on the edge of the incoming tide. On this slightly sloping shore the tide moves in very quickly and we could see the birds - mainly Curlew, Oystercatchers and Dunlin - coming closer with every minute. Just as things started to look as if they were going to come together, disaster ! A couple of dog walkers moved across the very area we hoped the birds were going to settle in resulting in all the birds taking flight, never to settle again. We did manage to see a partially albino Oystercatcher ( a very strange looking bird !!) but the large numbers of winter waders to look at remained out of our grasp ! Instead we had to be content with variously sized flocks of mainly Oystercatcher flying around looking for somewhere to rest. We did get the opportunity of sorting out our Herring, Lesser & Greater Black backed gulls but that was little consolation for those who had come to help them 'sort out the waders'. Alas, and despite the valiant efforts of the Dee estuary voluntary wardens, disturbance by humans is a constant problem on the north Wirral shore. Perhaps we'll have better luck next time ?