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June 2016

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Male green woodpecker feeding on ground

Oh the "derring do" of the Group !

The weather forecast said the torrential rain would stop at 7 pm at Cannock Chase for a few hours so we set off from Wirral 'on a wing and a prayer'. As usual the weather forecasters were wrong ... it didn't stop raining until 7.15 !! The birds had obviously been waiting for the rain to stop as we almost immediately heard Blackcap, Song Thrush and Whitethroat singing. Two Great Spotted Woodpecker made a brief appearance in the trees around immaculately kept cemetery as did two Green Woodpecker a short time later. As we walked further on we stumbled across a lovely male Stonechat but before we had a chance of admiring its beauty a Tree Pipit started to sing from the top of a small tree. This was the first of at least 5 birds we saw. Most were singing in the warm still air and, with a telescope, all could get great views of this lovely bird. At least we had secured one of our three target birds and so we set off towards the more wooded areas looking for our others. Amazingly, a Woodcock flew along side the path giving all excellent views and just in case any of us had missed it the first time, it came around again a short time later! Sadly it wasn't roding so we didn't hear the strange grunts and squeaks that make up this bird's call. Across the road and into the plantations looking for our final target bird. A single Nightjar could be heard 'churring' some distance away but as we walked up the path towards where it was, one of the group saw the bird flying. We held our breath and heard the bird once again churring but this time much closer. Eventually the bird flew around our heads in the fading light and with the start of the rain we decided to set back off home to the Wirral. Our 3 target birds seen and all great views ... what a night !