Saturday, 1 February 2020

Spring Newsletter 2020
Steve Day

Spring Newsletter 2020

Now Christmas is over we can start to look with eager anticipate of the arrival of spring. This year we have some excellent events in our new calendar to look forward too, mixed in with our usual events, we start quite early with the group's visit to Somerset, a place we know and love well. We then have our 40th Anniversary Celebratory evening in July, and then we are off once again to Gibraltar Point, let's hope the rain eases off this time!

In his chairman's report Patrick Crowley provides two very important pieces of information, we are once again proposing running our very popular Birdwatching Course, with dates in early spring.

We are also proposing to revive another popular activity this group used to do on a regular yearly basis - a trip to Bulgaria in 2021, details will follow but this is an excellent opportunity giving value for money to the group for spring migration in a country rarely visited, brimming with birds, butterflies and wild plants.

Rebecca continues with her A-Z, in this issue with 'K' is for kestrel, and as usual she provides a variety of details on a declining falcon.

Adrian Roberts and other group members participated in the planting of trees and shrubs at the JAC Centre in Wokingham.

Alan Moore updates us on the results of the 2019 UK Nature Photographic Competition, publishing the winning entry of a gadwall by Steve Day, and because of last year's success, another calendar for 2021 will be produced.

Patrick Crowley's detailed account of the group's combined visit with East Berkshire RSPB trip to WTT Slimbridge.

As always Steve Day and myself would be delighted to receive any articles, images or input for the newsletter or to upload bird related reports onto our website. No matter how small, contribution to the group is very important.

Tom Bickerton

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