Monday, 6 July 2020

News update from Woodbridge Swifts July 6 2020. Injured swifts.
David Moreton

News update from Woodbridge Swifts July 6 2020. Injured swifts.

We had a successful 'socially distanced swift walk on July 5. There were 20 of us, each with a map of nests sites in the town both in roofs and nest boxes. Our total so far for this year is 40 nests in roofs and 12 inhabited nest boxes. We are optimistic that there are more swifts around this year than for several years. By now many of the adults are feeding young, returning to the nest from their feeding flights. We hope now for some good warm weather to bring out the insects needed for successful rearing of the young birds.
If you see swifts entering a roof under the tiles or entering a nest box or if you want to buy a nest box, contact us.

Injured Swifts
At this time of the year you may find a baby swift on the ground having fallen out of the nest or an injured adult. These birds can be saved if they get the right attention quickly.
Don't throw it in the air, don't feed it.
Put it in a cardboard box, keep it warm and quiet. A shoe box with a lid is good. You may need to hydrate it with water wiped around the mouth with a cotton bud.
Contact a trained swift carer for advice and help. Alan and Christine Collett, ; 01728 454585; 07762 300050, will offer advice and can look after birds which are brought to them.
Swift Conservation can also advise you.
Contact; 07808700642.

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