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February 2019

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Research Study on the Dark Bordered Beauty Moth of Strensall

Research Study on the Dark Bordered Beauty Moth of Strensall

As the Chair of the Clifton and Rawcliffe Allotments, I've received a few requests from help with research projects, this one came through recently. I found it quite interesting (and not too much of a time thief) and thought other local group members might also be interested. Tara, the student whose research it is, was pleased for me to share it, so here it is:

"I would like to invite the members of your Allotments to take part in my research study. I am a 3rd Year Biology Undergraduate Student at the University of York conducting a study to collect data for my final year dissertation.
The purpose of the study is to test whether knowing about the social history of the rare Dark Bordered Beauty moth, found at Strensall near York (from reading a blog I have created) changes people's perceptions on the value of conserving it, as well as to see if people's age, area of residence, occupation and level of interest in wildlife and conservation etc. influences their views on the importance of the conservation of the Dark Bordered Beauty. This will be achieved by completing a short questionnaire and reading my Blog on the Dark Bordered Beauty.
I would be grateful if you could distribute this questionnaire to your Allotment holders. Your and their time will be very much appreciated.
Thank you,
Tara Anderson".

There's a hyperlink to the questionnaire below; the questionnaire incorporates a link to the blog