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April 2020

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Spring Newsletter April 2020

Spring Newsletter April 2020


Due to practical risk concerns and government restrictions we have reluctantly decided it is not possible to produce a printed copy of the newsletter for April. Production involves collection from the printers, enveloping, buying and adding stamps and posting them. Also, there are no April meetings for members to collect them, so adding greatly to postage costs.

The April newsletter will be published here on this website. We also hope to issue a 'special' newsletter in mid-August to give an update on the possible resumption of September activities if the government conditions and RSPB advice allows.
Please share this information with your friends in the group who may not normally visit the website or use email and so will not receive their paper newsletter copies as normal. If they wish to receive the April (and August update) newsletters by email (and notifications of resumption of future events) then they should send an email requesting this to (If they can't remember if they have given it to us, but have recently received two emails concerning the cancellations of the March 16 meeting (Joe Shute) and of the March-August events, then they will be on our system).
They will be able to revert to paper copies in future though we would hope some may stay to save costs!
We are sorry for this but consider it unavoidably necessary under the present circumstances.

Peter Reed
Newsletter editor

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