A lifeline for Scotland's wildlife

Help us protect Scotland's wildlife and landscapes for future generations

There is no doubt that Scotland's wildlife and landscapes are special. Whether it's the sight of an eagle in the glens, comical puffins on Hebridean cliffs, or red squirrels leaping through Caledonian pineforests, Scotland offers some of the most majestic wild spectacles in the world.

Millions of us who live in Scotland, or carry the land in our hearts from another country, know that only too well. We also know about the threats facing wildlife, and the work we need to do to secure that future. You can help us protect nature for future generations to enjoy.

Every supporter is important to us, helping us to achieve for wildlife what would otherwise be impossible, but some supporters would like to do that bit more. And we'd like to give something in return. That's why we have set up RSPB Scotland Patrons.

Become a Patron

RSPB Scotland Patrons is an annual subscription by which you can make an ongoing financial commitment to protecting Scotland's wildlife. In return for your valuable help, we can offer you privileged insights into our work, and the awe-inspiring wildlife and landscapes that we are all seeking to safeguard for now and for the future.

Bronze Patron

Your support could help us work with landowners to manage and extend threatened habitats for the species that need it most. We'll keep you informed of progress, and invite you to exclusive events and talks.

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Silver Patron

Your support could help pay for vital research into seabird declines, helping the next generation connect with nature, or carrying out work to aid farmland birds. You'll be invited on VIP tours of our nature reserves.

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Gold Patron

Your support could help fund major protects such as peatland restoration in the Flow Country. Go behind-the-scenes on these projects and see how we are turning your money into success on the ground.

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Becoming a Patron puts you at the forefront of efforts to safeguard Scotland's natural treasures.

Colin Prior, landscape photographer and Patrons Ambassador