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Your school grounds

There are lots of steps you can take at school without us. Any practical action that helps nature counts. This section contains suitable resources for you to encourage wildlife by creating places for them to feed, bathe and live.

It offers opportunities for you to develop your school grounds and crucially  to use what you create as a teaching and learning resource for you and your students.

BBC Breathing Places Schools

Creating a place for wildlife in your school grounds has never been easier. With the help of BBC Breathing Places Schools, nature can be nurtured and encouraged in schools for children to enjoy and explore. More...

BBC Breathing Places Schools

Discover Birds at School

These pages will provide you with simple and engaging activities and ideas to make the most of your school grounds, both for learning and wildlife. More...

Discover Birds at School


  • Top Tips for schools to engage with biodiversity (1.4Mb)

    Guidance for schools in England on a variety of ways to learn in, about and for the natural environment - and the benefits to schools, teachers and pupils (DCSF, March 2010)

    Published 12 March 2010