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Frequently asked questions

First dates can be awkward - will they turn up? what are you going to talk about? Will they call you after?

For your date with nature, you don't need to worry about any of that. In fact, we want to leave you utterly speechless. And possibly a little breathless.

From birds of prey swooping over your head, to rutting red deer and tiny chicks on nests, these events are run all over the UK giving you a chance to get really close to some of the most exciting wildlife in Britain.

Most date with nature events have optical equipment on site that you can use - including high powered telescopes. Of course, if you have your own binoculars then bring them along. If you aren’t sure whether there’ll be optical equipment available please contact the organisers beforehand.

A date with nature events are set up for you to view birds and wildlife in their natural environment. This means that there aren't always refreshments or toilets available. Please contact the organisers for details. Where there aren't refreshments, feel free to bring your flasks and sandwiches and make a day of it.

Many of our date with nature events are completely free. A few events have a charge for transport to allow us to bring you even closer to these brilliant birds and wildlife. Any charges are clearly stated within the event details.

Everyone is welcome to come to our date with nature events – you don't need to be a member of the RSPB.

Yes, there will always be someone on hand to show you the birds and help you to use the equipment. They’ll be really happy to answer your questions and chat to you about the project you're visiting and the other work that the RSPB does.