Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch at RSPB Arne!

Saturday 25 January and Sunday 26 January


Price: Free

Join us for a Big Garden Birdwatch special!Take part in the world’s largest wildlife survey on 25-27th January and do something great for nature.

Join the team at the RSPB Arne Shop to get ready for your Big Garden Bird Watch. There will be a free sample of bird food and demo on how to look after your bird feeder – tips on cleaning, placement to attract birds and what feed to use.

It’s so easy to take part. An hour with the birds is a wonderful opportunity to sit back, relax and spend time with nature. So grab a cup of tea from the RSPB Arne Cafe (and a cake), and start counting the birds that visit our feeders!
We will have volunteers on hand to help identify the species we see taking part in the survey too. After the hour is up, tell us what you saw. You can also take your new found skills away to take part in your own area! Every count is important, even if you don’t see anything. Observing which birds aren’t around is as important as seeing the ones that are. You can then submit your results online at until 16th February.


RSPB Arne nature reserve. For directions use the Post Code or the Sat Nav co-ordinates at the top right of this page.

Where is it?

  • Lat/lng: 50.689735955439005, -2.0412790775299072 (Google Maps)
  • Postcode: BH20 5BJ
  • County: Dorset

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