Cancelled due to Covid-19 - May Indoor Meeting - Camouflage without Spots - Ian Alexander

Wednesday 20 May

7.15pm for 7.30pm start

Price: Free to Local Group members. Guests are welcome, pay £3.00 at the door

This talk is presented by Ian Alexander who is the author of a book about a nation's love of nature.

The meeting promises to be a lively lecture/demonstration of the principles of animal camouflage 'for ages 8 to 80' using physical objects and photographs

It examines the curious history of camouflage, discovered not by soldiers but by an artist and some zoologists. They found that it is not at all about painting spots and stripes on things; and the most obviously stripy animal, the Zebra, doesn't seem to be striped for camouflage at all. Perhaps it is, on reflection, not surprising that camouflage isn't what it looks like on the surface ... because, if you can see it, it's already failed ...

Please note: this event is run by an RSPB volunteer group and is organised for interested members of the local community.


St John's Hall
Hills Road

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  • Postcode: CB2 8RN
  • County: Cambridgeshire

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