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Wednesday 7 July


Price: Adults: RSPB members/ non-members £48/60; Children under 18: RSPB members £24/30; Children 2 and under sail free.

Booking essential

See underneath this description for important Covid information - please read before booking 

7 July 2021 FURTHER UPDATE: Whilst all pre-19 July cruises will remain at a maximum of 40 passengers, we're delighted to confirm that following the government's confirmation that all Covid restrictions will be lifted, the last two cruises - 21 and 24 July - will sail with 80 passengers. If by any chance this changes again, we will be in touch.

The towering cliffs at Bempton, part of Yorkshire's stunning heritage coast, come alive each year with almost half a million seabirds including the iconic puffin and the UK's largest seabird the gannet. Sailing from Bridlington Harbour with the RSPB aboard the famous MV Yorkshire Belle is a chance to get nose-to-beak with the stars of the show on an incredible wildlife adventure. 

On a three hour journey of discovery passengers will sail to the base of the 400-foot chalk cliffs as clouds of seabirds swoop, soar and circle above and around the boat. RSPB volunteers are on hand to identify what's what and the on-board commentary gives a unique insight into the seabird spectacle. For nature lovers of all ages, this is the stuff that memories are made of. 

The beautiful Yorkshire Belle is the last of the great pleasure cruisers. She has indoor and outdoor seating, toilet facilities, and drinks and snacks are available from the bar. Our last five sailings we will look for puffins on the sea rather than the cliffs, while gannets will dive around the boat for mackerel that is thrown for them – a truly unforgettable sight as they plunge like lightning into the waves. 

Early booking is essential as these cruises sell out very quickly. 

To book click on the link: for cruises pre-21 June for cruises post-21 June 

We are also running 4 specialised Diving Gannet cruises during August where, as well as sailing up to Bempton Cliffs to see gannets and other seabirds still nesting on the cliffs, you will be treated to the once-in-a-lifetime sight of gannets diving around the boat. It may still be possible to encounter puffins at sea on these cruises as well as skuas and other migrating seabirds. 

For dates and to book click on the link 

There will be one Pelagic cruise on Saturday 4 September, specifically to search for migrating seabirds as they start their journey south for the winter. 

For further information and to book click on the link 

Important Covid information Cruises from 23 May to 19 June

• Government Covid regulations mean we are restricted to only 30 passengers per cruise, which has inevitably led to an increase in ticket prices. 

• However, this greatly reduced number means more space to relax and take in the amazing views. Each sailing promises to be a truly exclusive voyage of discovery. 

Cruises from 23 June to 24 July 

• The lifting of all Covid restrictions means we can increase the number of passengers but have decided to only go to 80. This is far less than normal so there will still be extra space for your comfort and safety, plus we will be continuing with Covid-secure measures. 

• If the government should postpone the date of 21 June for the lifting of restrictions, we will have to reduce to only 30 passengers. The fairest way will be to refund the later passengers to book so the cruise can still run for those who booked earliest. These refunds will be processed automatically and you will of course be notified at the earliest opportunity. 

All cruise dates 

• We are introducing the following additional measures for your safety: 

1. The boat will be fully sanitised after each trip. 

2. Social distancing will be requested when queuing on the quayside. 

3. All tickets should be printed out so these can be handed to the member of staff on the quayside. This is to avoid the handling of numerous mobile phones to scan tickets. 

4. Hand sanitiser will be given to each passenger on boarding. 

5. Social distancing will be maintained on board and passengers will be shown to designated seats by the crew depending on group size. Unfortunately you will not be able to choose where to sit. Note this will not apply to cruises after 21 June (or a postponed date if applicable). 

6. Masks should be worn by all passengers on the quayside, for embarking/ disembarking the boat and if you need to move during the cruise. They can be removed when seated. 

7. Once seated, passengers should not move around the boat except to use the toilet facilities. Please bring suitable clothing (eg. waterproofs) in case of bad weather as you may not be able to move under cover. 

8. Refreshments will be available for sale but, to avoid passengers moving, a member of the crew will take orders and deliver these to you. 

9. All tickets must be pre-booked. 

10. Volunteers will still be on board all cruises, but in fewer numbers situated at strategic points around the boat. 

Lastly please note: Children aged 2 and under sail free, but please notify us on 01262 422211 so we can add them to our passenger list. 

This amazing wildlife spectacle occurs in the North Sea so please think carefully before booking if you suffer from seasickness. 

Accessibility: Please check the Yorkshire Belle website here for assistance and boarding information as there are unfortunately limitations. 

Sorry - no dogs (except accessible), tripods, telescopes or smoking on board. 

No refunds except if the cruise is cancelled by the skipper or RSPB, due to poor sea conditions or any changes in Covid regulations. Refunds will automatically be given in these cases. 


Cruises are only cancelled in extreme circumstances. We will email you the afternoon before your cruise to tell you if it is going ahead. Or you can call 01262 422211 after 7.00pm the evening before to listen to a recorded message giving you the same information. 

All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable unless the Yorkshire Belle or RSPB cancel due to sea conditions or a change in government Covid guidance, in which case an automatic refund will be made. For any other queries contact the RSPB cruise office (Mon-Thur) on 01262 422211 or email us at


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