Tessa Boase | Talk | The Woman Who Saved the Birds

Sunday 8 August


Join author Tessa Boase to hear the surprising story of the forgotten feminist origins of the RSPB - Of women, birds, hats and votes.

In this talk set outdoors on an iconic RSPB reserve, Tessa will shine a light on the intriguing story of women’s love affair with plumage – and of the brave eco feminists who fought back on behalf of the birds. It celebrates the pioneering activism of Etta Lemon, the indomitable woman who built the RSPB from modest beginnings in 1891, to the triumph of the Plumage Act in 1921. Moving from a polite Victorian tea party to an egret hunt in a Florida swamp; from a suffragette ‘monster rally’ to a milliner’s dusty workshop, you’ll be taken back in time to a world where every woman, of every class wore a hat.

Booking recommend:

As part of our celebrations of the Centenary of The Plumage Act, Tessa will also be onsite from 11:00am - 4:00pm to sign copies of her book, 'Etta Lemon - The Woman Who Saved the Birds'. Copies available to purchase in the shop (no booking necessary). 

Usually held in the RSPB archives, you will also have the opportunity to view some of the original bird plumage, used as fashion accessories, which sparked the origin of the RSPB.


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