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With stalls full of information and RSPB staff and volunteers on hand, come along and find out what the RSPB is doing for your area and the wider countryside. There are often activities for all the family to enjoy, plus the chance to get face-to-face advice on a wide range of topics.

Show events in:

We found 37 show appearances happening between 20 April 2018 and 20 April 2019.


Saturday 21 April

Sunday 22 April

Monday 23 April

Tuesday 24 April

Wednesday 25 April

Thursday 26 April

Friday 27 April

Saturday 28 April

Norton Farmers Market

South Yorkshire

Sunday 29 April

Monday 30 April


Sunday 13 May

Tuesday 15 May

Saturday 19 May

Sunday 20 May

Tuesday 22 May

Saturday 26 May

Tuesday 29 May


Sunday 3 June

Tuesday 5 June

Tuesday 12 June

Tuesday 19 June

Tuesday 26 June

Saturday 30 June


Sunday 1 July

Crosspool Festival

South Yorkshire

Thursday 26 July


Wednesday 1 August

Wednesday 8 August

Thursday 9 August

Saturday 11 August

Sunday 12 August

Lowedges Festival

South Yorkshire

Wednesday 22 August


Wednesday 21 November