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Stream at Crannach

Image: The RSPB

Crannach is a beautiful and tranquil woodland and upland reserve on Deeside, within the Cairngorms National Park. Although a relatively small reserve, Crannach comprises a diversity of habitats. These include areas of birchwood, mature and developing pinewood and important areas of riparian broadleaved woodland. Our work here includes the restoration of woodland habitats but there are also areas of open heathland, screes, crags and mires which we work to preserve. The diversity of habitats on the reserve support priority species such as black grouse and Scottish crossbill as well as a wide range of other important species such as red squirrel, pearl-bordered fritillary, twinflower and juniper. The reserve also has significant archaeological remains. The reserve currently has no formal access routes. Visitors can enjoy similar habitats and species at our Loch Garten and Corrimony reserves.

Important note

This site is one of several that due to its size, location and/or conservation sensitivity is not capable of accommodating large numbers of visitors (unless stated).

Where possible, we have indicated the nearest equivalent RSPB nature reserve suitable for visiting. If you require further information, please use the contact details provided.

This does not affect any statutory rights of access under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act or Land Reform (Scotland) Act legislation.

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