What type of duck are these little fellas?


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What type of duck are these little fellas?

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I pass this duck with it's two youngsters nearly everyday in the same place on a canal near Birmingham. I've googled and looked on the RSPB bird identifier and can't find anything that matches it. The adult is mostly black with a white breast, small white strip leading from it's eye to a white patch on the back of it's head and white tips in the ends of it's wings. I've tried to take some pics but they are quite hard to photograph! Any duck experts who can help identify them?
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  • Never seen anything like it Anna.


  • I think these come in the category of Manky Mallards. These are derived from wild Mallards which have been selectively bred for often domestic purposes and are now in the environment.

    They can come in all sorts of weird and wonderful colours and shapes. Check out this link and you will see what I mean.


  • I agree with TeeJay :)