What bird is this please?


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What bird is this please?

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Picture not the best - but taken on high zoom through glass. The white-ish / light grey wing feathers seem unusual. Have been hunting through my small collection of bird books but no similar photo or description that matches. The bird is about Blackbird size and turned up with another one with similar white/grey flashes. Grateful for any guidance.
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  • Hi John it is a Blackbird, try googling leucistic Blackbird, or Partially leucistic Blackbird.

  • How unusual to see two similar leucistic BB's John!   Wonder if the similar other one was a juvenile? Hope they come back for more pics!

  • Thanks Alan, wow! A Blackbird that isn't black (or mottled brown for the femaless) - hadn't appreciated that a leucistic Blackbird existed. So looks as if my sightings must have been a females.

  • Thanks Wendy, yes very unusual. Never seen anything like this before. So will keep a lookout and try to get better photos. As the two were quite similar I wondered whether they could have been from the same brood? Amazing what can turn up in your garden!

  • The Blackbird in the photo is a juvenile, and could be either male or female.