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I returned a bucket of 50 FAT BALLS last week because when I opened the lid they smelt reasty/rancid & yet the date had another year before the expiry date which is worrying because there are hundreds of similar for sale. This to me & no doubt thousands of others who's intention is helping birds check the Fat Balls to find what I did. I will go back to buying from Wilco who's FAT BALLS do not smell as the others did. I fully realise that birds immune system may be able to cope with those fat balls that have gone off but I remember seeing a lady down south who's dog nearly died due to eating bad fat balls that had dropped from her 'feeder'. While ever a bird lovers sense of smell is working I would suggest smelling those fat balls before feeding them to any birds. I do not want to attract a court case but the letter of the first name of the company who's fat balls were reasty/rancid, was the letter H !
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  • Why not say where

  • I get almost of of my bird food from Wilko, it's reasonably priced and good quality.

    We go shoping to Aldi every week, next door to Aldi is Pound Stretcher, all through the summer they had their buckets fat balls outside in the sunshine, those fat balls must've been ruined by the heat.

  • We get our Fat Balls from B&M and seem to be of great quality, they cost just £3.99 for 50 and are very popular with the birds.