Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!


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The Tea Rooms

Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!

  • Ah, but it is very arty, Jim!

  • Hazel, I love your bathing beauties.  They look like they have just had a very bad landing!

  • All I could get of this beautiful little critter :(

    Not working here either :(

  • What browser are you using Jim and have you tried clearing the cache.

  • Just trying to upload one to odds n sods thread and I'm having  probs too

  • It's back up and running now :) Weasel

  • Oh dear ........... look what I stuffed up on   !

  • Copied over from Bottoms up



  • Oh, bad luck, Alan. A Pied Fly must be a good bird for you. At least you saw it - I've never seen one in the UK.

    A rapidly disappearing Cuckoo

  • Nice one TJ I heard one this morning but didn't see it.

    The Flycatchers are on the outskirts of Sheffield in Padley Gorge in the Peak district.

    It was supposed to be a nice day but I'm afraid it was grey and cold and to top it off he just wouldn't let me get any decent shots.

    Roll on another sunny day LOL.

  • I'd be happy with last photo, Alan.

  • Very nice Alan, I see it has a leg ring on too.

  • TeeJay
    I'd be happy with last photo, Alan.

    Me too, I've never seen one.

  • Razorbill