Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!


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The Tea Rooms

Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!

  • Alan

    I take it the Red Arrows were training in the area?

    I can only assume it wasn't a crash-dive as there's been no news reports....  ;)

  • Now if you are really observant you will see a fuzzy woodpigeon and part of another bird in this really bad pic   !!   

    quiz:   who's the first to spot and guess what the 2nd bird (or part of)  is  ??    !!

  • Is that a S'prawk tail I spot H?  

    Fuzzy Short-toed Treecreeper


  • I would say its a Woody Hazel, got CinJ.

  • Wow, never read the post and you might be right there CinJ, with S'prawk.

  • Germain
    Is that a S'prawk tail I spot H?  

        close but no cigar Caroline ............. here's what it was skimming low over the garden but too late for me to capture it on camera till it was higher in the sky.      A common buzzard.

  • Two Kingfishers   lol      oops !

  • Egrets doing what they do. One of each Little and Great, I'll let you decide which is which

    Perhaps the phrase about Ostriches and sand should be about Egrets and water!