Reflections - your photos wanted !


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Reflections - your photos wanted !

  • What a smasher Bob.

  • monkeycheese

    A slight variation on the theme. This is Mrs HTR. I had to get the right angle to get her reflection, but not with her in shot as I was using the 600mm lens.

    What a brilliant photo.

  • Lovely clear reflection of the Siskin Bob!

  • Good to see a reflection of a different sort Hazel!

  • Mute Swan at St Aidans this morning

  • Look at that long neck, reflected beautifully.

  • Fabulous reflections on here,  here's my contribution


  • Nice one Terry, such a clear picture on that calm water.

  • A couple that slipped through the net from the PR camp, a black headed gull checking out its own reflection....

  • One I got today.

  • wonderful shot Jim with super detail - what a red little face  lol

  • Two good reflections there Mike, and James I just love that little baby with the red head and rather big feet:-)