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Welcome to add your pastry customers here

  • I have been home and got mine Hazel :) and just put a camera out for the night hope to get the fox Ithink it was round last night because the food I put out had all gone.

  • They are just like a pack of Piranhas 

  • lol Alan,  no wonder you need 40 blocks of lard a week !!!

  • You're not far off LOL

    They can demolish a ball of pastry bigger than a Tennis ball in about 3 minutes.

  • Alan
    They can demolish a ball of pastry bigger than a Tennis ball in about 3 minutes.

       You and I should go into the luxury bird food business as we're on industrial scale here  lol     This morning the birds (corvids included) have gone through one fat cake, a mound of suet/sunhearts/mixed seed,  4 fat balls, small bowl of mealworms for smaller birds,  2 tins of dog food and 4 ozs mild cheddar cheese - and I don't have starlings or sparrows  LOL

    post edit:  I've got salad leaves, tomato, avocado, beetroot and  chicken slices for my lunch !    Another chicken is in the oven  - for the corvids  LOL     (well the carcass and off cuts)  !

  • It's those open beaks Alan, the other birds vanish when starlings arrive, piranha have nothing on them.    Have you seen the holes in the garden when they have been around, no need to do any aeriating of the soil!!!

  • It's amazing how quick these move when you tell them Hazel's on her way!!

  • She'll have it in fo you, in fo you!!!!!

  • Great pics Alan;     someone's moulting an it's not the Cyril   lol     I'll take the bird, and you can keep the tree rat  !

  • I was up my ladder cleaning windows on this nice sunny afternoon when I heard the distinct chirruping sound of the lollipops so raced in the house and grabbed the camera before they disappeared again !

    line up..........line up ..............form an orderly queue      lol !!

    and the LTT's weren't the only ones who fancied the pastry ................

  • Awwwww, Hazel, those LTTs are just adorable!

  • Gorgeous Hazy,  those LTT's are always good to see, surprised that Nutty fancied the pastry too.   Mind you with everything you put in it would probably be nice for us too when baked:-)