The Young of 2018


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The Young of 2018

  • Great photos of the youngsters everyone

    At which point someone would have said: "Put that Eider down..."

    LOL Paul  !!   Not sure I can come close to that brilliant quip but ………..   I'da hidden it and gone undercover escaping on a wing and a prayer if I could have got away with it.

  • Some from my recent stay in N Wales.

    RSPB Cors Ddygfa on Anglesey

    RSPB Conwy

    I've no idea what his little chap is, my guess is possibly Teal or Widgeon?

    Possibly a grebe?

  • lovely photos Mike,  I think you have a Little Grebe there in last 3 photos.

  • Herring Gull

  • Being away just one week, I seem to have missed most of the nestlings fledging including 4 active boxes in the garden, two of which were Nuthatches !   Today I saw the first young in the garden;  Nuthatch, BT, GT, Robin and there may have been Jays as there was a lot of squawking although I only saw two adults.    Time will tell but meanwhile, here are the young I did see...…

    although most birds were hiding in the laurel shrubs and other foliage, I managed to just about photograph them and this was one of my favourites as the adult was feeding the new Nutty :)

    the young Nuthatches look the size of the adults, just a bit paler grey eye stripe and cleaner fluffier plumage 

    Young Nutty …..

    cute or what   ?        already developing that attitude by the looks of it    lol 

    our first young robin although this looks a little older so maybe from the first brood 

    The GT's next 

    and BT's …..   don't ya just love this time of year when they all appear in the twigs, begging to be fed by the worn out and weary looking parent birds ?   !!

    the sequence of feeding …………...

  • Lovely to see

  • HAZY

    lovely photos Mike,  I think you have a Little Grebe there in last 3 photos.

    Thank you.

  • A young blue tit on the nut feeder, in the garden today

  • My young BT's are still being fed by one of the adults. I leave a dish of wax worms in the kitchen and they are collected every few minutes.

  • Double trouble ! 

  • Black-headed Gull