The Young of 2018


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The Tea Rooms

The Young of 2018

  • That's a beauty Alan,  I've not seen the same numbers of Whitethroat and other warblers this year, maybe due to that cold snap in March.

    I did see our first Coal Tit juvenile this afternoon and I'll insert a pic once they are off the camera.

  • Lucky you, Alan. I've barely had a glimpse of a Whitethroat this year let alone a juvenile.

  • Here's the first sign of a juvenile Coal Tit from this afternoon

  • Juvenile Goosander

  • My juvenile BT's are independent too. One of the adults still comes to the kitchen to feed from the wax worm dish.

  • I never seen the adults but I'm almost sure it's a young Reed Bunting.

  • A juvenile goldfinch, enjoying the delights of the fountain in our pond...

    Apologies for the poor quality of the pics, the garden cam has now been repositioned, so hopefully, I'll get some clearer shots.

  • Thanks, Limpy, What little sweeties they are!