The Young of 2018


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The Tea Rooms

The Young of 2018

  • Gardenbirder
    Did you have a quick few zzzzzs while you were down there?!

    No, not when there was a rather lovely Dunlin wandering about waiting to have it's photo taken too. I have nodded off in a few hides from time to time though. :-)

  • Spotted this newbie with its parents above the house;  long way up but with hard cropping here's the youngster;

    then he was put through his paces by each adult in turn but was even more distant then 

    the juvenile is above the adult 

  • Our first ever home grown Frog, all of 1 inches in length and 12 weeks old. We're so proud of him.!! :-)

  • Awww, congrats on the young froglet Paul, with such a lovely abode and surroundings I'm not surprised and hopefully it is the first of many !