The Young of 2018


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The Young of 2018

  • I think I have about half a dozen young Goldies in the garden on most days. I'll try to get a pic if they come out into the open.

  • They finally obliged a few days ago...

  • Excellent pics.

    I bet they're going through the sunflower hearts at a rate of knots, too, at least if they're anything like mine!

  • Lovely photos Paul of these young Goldies;   we only have one pair in our garden at the front (as far as I know ! ) but they did have young which was great to see.    

  • This juvenile (now growing up fast ! ) belongs to a famous lady called Wilma ;)

    here she/he is wtih Momma who returned today :)

  • Nice to see she's finally made it past the … Jays, was it … and with youngster in tow.

  • Great that your Waggie is back, Hazel!

  • I do like that little sweetie aitch!

    I really must get some pics of my latest influx of baby Spadgers looking very appealing with their waggly-wings going nineteen to the dozen asking anyone & anything for food ... also inundated with adults chasing down insects everywhere in the quarry as well as bathing & eating en masse!

  • Lovely pic of the proud Mother and her offspring. Are there any others hidden away I wonder?

  • monkeycheese
    Are there any others hidden away I wonder?

       Not sure Paul as once her young are independent Wilma tends to want the place to herself and although it was an adult she chased off she doesn't always want even her own young there and becomes territorial. 

    Today I saw a fairly new additional member to the garden from a late brood ............

    Only record pics from distance but here's Momma to give you a clue ............and you'll see a tiny top of a head in the "blue lagoon"    ......

    when it popped its head up I saw a very young baby Bullfinch  :)     awwwwww     and I think there were more than just one fledgling from their sound.

  • A nice spot.

    I've only just started to see the odd juv bullfinch. It's as if all the successful bullfinch broods came from later in the summer this year.