Could someone identify this bird for me please


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Could someone identify this bird for me please

  • Img_3855.jpg
    I have been told that there was a Red Kite in the area, which I have to admit, was taken with a pinch of salt, as I live in Watford, which is not exactly the heart of the countryside. However, after a flash storm I saw this bird taking time to dry out a bit before taking to the wing. I managed a couple of pictures which were very rushed and through the glass. Is it a juvenile Kite? I really have no idea. Thanks so much. Picture attached (I hope!)
  • Img_3866.jpg
    Added another picture of it taking off.
  • Adult male Sparrowhawk.

  • Agreed--Sparrowhawk.

  • Wow! That's a first for me. Especially in the garden. Having said that, after setting up a lot of feeders, there are many birds visiting the area, and even more so now with lots of juveniles. So I guess that makes sense. Thanks for speedy replies :D