Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!


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Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!

  • Wow, a great white egret!  I'm delighted you saw one even if the photo isn't great.

  • A little Egret C, at Stodmarsh NNR on 14th Sep!

  • Is it a youngster?  The feet look black.

  • Really don't know C, still learning about them!

  • Kestrel, only marginally out of focus.!!

  • In stealth mode??  The prey won't see that coming!! Lol

  • You could have claimed that was something massively rare and none of us would have known any different!!

  • Did I say Kestrel.?? Sorry, I meant to say Wire-crested Thorntail.!!

  • Oh, that old thing .... had one on my Pyracantha only yesterday!!

  • So, there we were, sitting in one of the hides in Donana Spain. Things had gone fairly quiet so we were having a snack. Happened to glance outside and spotted this. Snatching up of cameras, only for my lens hood to bang on the opening. Not very loud, but enough for her to take off. Thank heavens we were the only people there.

  • I really tried hard to capture this nippy little gull:

    Active black-headed gulls in fading light are hard work.

  • I was nowhere near quick enough to catch this beautiful magpie in flight:

  • Buzzard.

  • Very nice!

  • Oops ....  Did someone say Duck ?