Bottoms Up - part 2 !


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The Tea Rooms

Bottoms Up - part 2 !

  • I have one very similar to yours, Clare.


  • They're lovely little birds.  I don't see them very often and I get nice shots of them even less often!

  • Same here, you just have to be lucky on the day :)


  • Gorgeous?? :-) The picture you posted of a Sedge Warbler in Dungeness IS absolutely gorgeous & I love it.

  • Thank you!  I'm pleased you like it.  I was delighted to have some nice shots of something........I took more than 300 photos on the day and very few weren't blurred.

  • In The Line Of Fire...

  • Watch out for air to surface missiles!!!

    Do not stand in the drop zone!

  • Splat!!!

  • Great shot, Monkeycheese!  Their poo is particularly lethal.

  • Duck! No I mean Gull

  • A beautiful goldfinch bum:

  • Not the best pic and this "B52" bum almost causes an eclipse lol

  • It looks as though it's wearing bloomers.

  • Clare

    It looks as though it's wearing bloomers.

       fluffy ones at that  lol

  • There's always one 'show-off' !!