It's brass monkeys in Cumbria !!


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It's brass monkeys in Cumbria !!

  • Ee by gum ........... it's cold enough to freeze the peanuts off a squirrel  here  lol           Mike, Jim and I set off before 6.30am, arriving at Silverdale just before 8am;   M6 very busy but running with no jams :)      Everywhere was frozen but the floods had disappeared and we didn't need wellies which was a bonus:  my new Scarpa boots clung to the ground well with no slipping  and carried me and my dual harness, bum bag and bird seed bags and camera with no problem at all  lol       We hadn't stepped very far on to the reserve when we were buzzed by the robins, all eager to see if we had any spare mealies  - which of course we did :)    4 minute robin (as we call him)  was waiting just past the Sky Tower and almost landed on my shoulder before I spotted him   lol    There was another robin close by which could have been its mate although time will tell.     

    To be honest, with ice pretty much covering the pools at all hides the birds were either too far away on the distant bits of surface that were broken in places and other birds must have been hunkering down and having a day in bed !     However, there were tons of robins and that's mainly what I took photos of.     We were hoping to see an Otter but alas no show today so fingers crossed for tomorrow.       We made lots of stops at the café and hides to defrost as it was bitterly cold at around -6 degrees but we did have lovely sunshine.    Even with 4 layers of clothing if you stood still for too long the chill penetrated and by 3pm we were heading back towards Carnforth to do a quick shop before checking in to Pine Lakes which is cosy and warm :)

    Jim will have some special photos to show you  later but I can only add mainly robins - which one forumate will be happy with  lol   

    First, taken on the iPhone, a few snaps to show you the view in front of Causway Hide .....   looking more like the Arctic  !

    and view from Lilian's Hide on the main reserve .....

    even a robin was standing on one leg so it could keep it's other leg warm   lol 

    another mealworm customer .......

    and another robin on the way to Grisedale Hide 

    Give us another heap of  mealies Mrs  !! 

    and yet another robin .....this time near the dipping pond area 

    Blackbird had a share of mealworms too .........

    Starry-eyed robin  - he/she  won't come to hand but will come pretty close .....

    Robin by the bearded reedling tray area 

    It appears someone snuck into the car before we left ..... and when I wasn't looking   lol   

    Clear orrf   Cyril   ...............

    A lovely Dunnock on the Causeway -  it raced over when I chucked a few worms down for it 

    Jackdaw was crooking its head round to see where the bird food and mealies were being strewn   !!   

    No bearded reedlings on the tray (although they had been seen earlier)  but a male Reed Bunting was spotted as it dived into the reeds 

    Swan lake  - or dancing on ice   ?    !! 

    4 minute robin as we like to call him     lol       the one who stays on your hand for as long as you like ! 

    and we think .......his mate 

    4 minute robin on a frosted log    -   nice Christmas pose  ! 

  • Brrrrrr, at -6 I would be holding meal worms in a Gloved hand!  The three of you are a hardy lot.  Lovely pictures of fluffed-up Robins, trying to keep the heat in.  Are the Scarpas down-lined?

  • Very nice and I am just getting some ready to post Hazel, nice name 4 minute Robin and yes it like to get its feet warm.

    Its been a cold one but being wrapped up well helps I did feel a little coming through my jacket so will have extra on tomorrow and it was not only looking cold outdoors but this was taken in Lillian Hide.


  • @ Ann,   the robins don't like to land on a gloved hand so we have to brave the cold and let them warm their feet  lol   we're a hardy breed in the North and don't have down-lined Scarpas either although they should be gold lined at the price of them !   Jim will be putting up some special pics shortly as I've given him my internet link which he can use in his studio accommodation.   At least we've thawed out after nice hot bath and I just cooked a stir-fry but will be out in the big freeze again tomorrow ;)

  • Got a few ready, sadly a little one had lost its life here, I saw this young heron and it was hunting in a field next to a path we walk on and it did not mind me and Mike, being so close Mike did not see it until he was only a few feet away from it, the pictures tell the story of one little Water Shrew.


  • Brilliant capture Jim,  it was amazing how that G.Heron stalked the shrew and suddenly grabbed it in front of you - as you say, poor little creature but a wonderful shot.

  • Some more pictures.


  • Jim, I grew up with windows which looked like those--in my bedroom!  We used to draw pictures in the ice.  (But that was not as cold as this.  Have a look here for minus 6 degrees--Fahrenheit, equals -21.1C!

    Hazel, Yep, well, I said you are a hardy lot--lol!  How are the Robins with fingerless gloves?  It should be warming up a bit down here on Wednesday, and with luck, it may do so up there as well.  Good luck with keeping warm tomorrow!  

  • Gorgeous new pics, Jim!  Shame about the little critter but all critters need to eat.  Love the Robins, of course, and the sweet Wren and the intense stare of the Corvid.

  • A Cornucopia of Robins!

  • It most have been cold at your place then Ann :(

    Robin on Hazels, hand.


  • Lovely pics of FMR. Can you get one of his/her tail from behind? Just curious to see if it is indeed a juvenile.

  • Will do Paul.


  • Hazel,in an earlier thread you mentioned people thought you were a bit crazy for going to the Moss in bad weather,I think this proves you lot are stark raving bonkers !! and long may it stay that way. Even without the birds your pictures of Leighton Moss in frozen conditions are brilliant. Until recently most our trips to there were mainly based from the caravan down the road at Bolton Sands so we never got to see the Moss in these conditions thanks for posting them.

  • You have my admiration all of you for being out and about in that cold.   Lovely photos, all those Robins, they will  have been so so happy to see you with the mealworm, I don't know about the ducks following you, you will have a flypast of Robins tomorrow.

    Well done James on the Wren and Treecreeper, well all of them really, keep warm (if you can).