Another Pidge Released (Updated 24-02-18)


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Another Pidge Released (Updated 24-02-18)

  • Today I released a post PMV Pidge named Garfield. She was not one of my rescues but Sarah let me collect Garfield for release into my garden. Garfield wasted no time in flying up to the roof where various members of the Pigeon Mafia came to say hello. She attracted the attention of one particularly frisky male. Unfortunately Garfield went across to the front of the roof so I was unable to see how things went lol

    Hopefully she will return tomorrow...

  • Lovely to see another release, she is certainly having none of that!!

  • Already making a huge impact on the males lol    she looked a little perplexed with her new surroundings but great to see she's been welcomed in to the mafia so nicely  !    Good luck Garfield.

  • Good to hear about another pigeon being released into a friendly environment!  I think work is spreading!

  • I went out into the garden just after 5pm to feed HTR II and noticed that Garfield was back on the roof. There was one other Pidge about four feet in front of her. The rest of the Pigeon Mafia had long since departed. I wasn't sure what would happen next. Would I have to lure her down with food? I sent an e-mail to Sarah and by the time I went back to the garden, both Pidges had gone. I think there is every chance that she will return tomorrow now that she has started to pair up with another Pidge. It is not the same one that was chasing her around the roof. That was a Blue Bar. This one appears to be Chequered.


    And her friend

  • She looks a bit sleepy after a busy day, I hope she settles in MC & well done for all your hard work.

  • Thanks Hazel. I'm just hoping she comes back so I'll know she's ok.

  • Nice to see a safe release MC, she is a lovely looking bird.   She found the roof a little testing at first, and then had to cope with an amorous male!!   Hope she returns tomorrow and feeds up.

  • I will have the camera ready

  • A very handsome bird he looks, hope Garfield shows herself tomorrow!

  • Look who came back this morning

    This might be her beau

  • Great news MC, looks like she's tarting herself up for him!

  • Love is in the air, or on the roof in this case!

  • She really looks content with the other pigeons and already made quite an impact on the chaps  lol    good luck to her and the rest of the gang.

  • How wonderful to see her back!  Do you know how old she is MC?