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The Tea Rooms


  • we have not had hogs in our garden for over a decade but yesterday found some poo on the lawn & then around midnight last night saw one snuffling around the ground feeders, so pleased to see them again, fantastic. Will try to get photos tonight.

  • Nice one Tony hopefully you will have more than one.

  • Hope for pics Tony, such a rarity these days!

  • I’ve got Hedgehogs in my garden, as I have had still for quite a number of years. I see them every night at dusk in my back garden from my living room window. They do have a nesting place in my garden.

  • Thanks Alan, would be good if there were 2, this one was on small side so wondering if it is a young one. I will set the camera trap tonight.

  • Will try to get pics tonight, won't put out peanut butter this time though as just read its ok in small amounts but not regularly. Fingers crossed.

  • Lucky you Ian, its the first hog we've seen in over 10 yrs in our garden so we are really pleased. We used to get them regularly but then they disappeared. Will put food out tonight.

  • I must be doing something right with my garden along with my neighbours. But I did see the Hedgehogs also in 2016 and 2017 as well as this year. I’ve got no camera apart from my iPhone which doesn’t show the Hedgehog at all when I take a photo from my window. Hope to see your photos Tony.

  • Great news Ian, can you put trail cam on your Christmas List?

  • I wish I could. The neighbours are good, as the Hedgehogs are able to get between gardens.

  • Apologies for very poor pictures but I think I put the trail cam too far from the food tray. Anyway the Hog turned up last night and I now know between 11.30pm and 12.30pm so will try tonight with another camera to get better shots.

    Hoggy being watched by a local cat.

    Finally our pesky squirrel.

    I'll try for some better pictures tonight.

  • We've not seen any hogs in the garden for years, until early May this year, and saw this one, happily rooting through the grass during daylight hours...

  • Some slightly better photos from the other night of our new visitor.

    The time stamp on the pictures is now later at night, 1.34am so chances of getting better colour pics are now diminishing. 

  • Great to see your Hoggy pics Mike & Tony, thanks for sharing!