Uploading problems: Windows 10 Edge Browser


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Uploading problems: Windows 10 Edge Browser

  • The technical problem thread appears to have been locked down a while ago so couldn't post this question there;    I was wondering if anyone else who uses windows 10 Edge Browser was experiencing problems with uploads which is not working (in my case) for uploading photos for example,  as everything freezes once the upload box appears and I can't even shut the webpage down, having to start Task Manager to close down the browser and to close the webpage.      It happened once again after the latest Win10  update yesterday but I find that other browsers like Firefox work well so it's not rspb website  !     I ran through using Command Prompt ( Powershell ) to check for faults and repair but it still doesn't work.      Only interested if anyone is using Edge browser to upload and it is working for them.    

    Many thanks in advance.    

  • Don't generally use it but here goes...

  • Many thanks for testing it out Alan,  I'll have to try undo the latest update from Microsoft and see if that works.   Edge and Win.10 has been a nightmare lol

  • This is the version of Edge i've got Hazel

    Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0

    Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134

  • cheers Alan,   thanks for your help.

  • Just checked and this was the update I did yesterday which appears to be part of the patch for the 1803 that crashed my computer:

    July 10, 2018—KB4338819 (OS Build 17134.165)

    Applies to: Windows 10, version 1803    

    ps.  Out of interest it will upload a photo to Flickr.   so appears only a problem on here   !!      

  • I've got that update too Hazel

  • thanks Alan, I think I've narrowed it down problem with the "File Picker UI Host"      although it uploaded photos to Flickr.  it then froze again.