Germain, welcome back!


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Germain, welcome back!

  • Welcome back to the Forum, Germain (if it is really you!)!  I hope you are well.  I just happened to notice you are online now so thought you deserved a hearty welcome back after not posting for 3 years!

  • Thank you Ann, Yes it is me.  Dipping in - lots of changes in my life but still involved with Butterflies and birding on the Island.



  • Glad to hear it is really you, Caroline, and that you are still doing birds and butterflies.  I've missed your posts about your life on the Island.  I hope you'll have time to dip in to the Forum a bit more frequently!

  • Hi there CinJ, hope you are well?

  • Hi Wendy,

    Yes thank you.  Working out what changes have happened to the forum and how to post photos. 

    Here is a test one - Female Chalkhill Blue from near Portsmouth

    Yay it works 


  • Grand start CinJ, some of us regulars are still here but getting rather thin on the ground ...  hope you have some more for us?

  • Nice to see you back Caroline and look forward to your lovely updates.

  • Good to hear from you again, Caroline. Nice shot of the Chalkhill Blue - a butterfly I've yet to see.

  • Lovely photo of the Chalkhill Blue Caroline, good to see you back and look forward to more Jersey updates.