Bottom's Up !


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Bottom's Up !

  • How is it that you've just got the bird in focus and a nice pose when it suddenly turns around and instead you get that so called Bum view    LOL   I'll leave the Id's to you but you'll still recognise them   !!!   

  • LOL Hazy

  • Hazy, brilliant!

  • That's so wierd H - just came on here to post my one & only pic of Great Tit today & guess what???

    If you ever wanted to know how far the chest stripe goes - here's the answer...............

  • ROFL   !!!     It really was a bum day  eh ?    lol

  • Another nice view to add from today    LOL !! 

  • Wonder if there's a fancy word to describe an expert on birds' bums!!! 'Cos I think you're it H rofl !!

  • lol,   they do give me their best view ......... think they're trying to tell me something when I get the camera out  !!

  • Think they are Pippas or J-Los - who was it who was 'rear of the year'??

  • Think 2012 was Corrie Star Shobna Gulati (plays Sunita Alahan) and John Barrowman (plays Cptn. Jack Harkness) from Torchwood and Dr.Who.    Maybe we should go through the bird photos and choose ourselves a winner for 2012   LOL !!    

    and my vote goes to ............... your Great Tit who has the longest chest stripe in history  !

  • Very funny Hazy and Wendy. At least they weren't ejecting anything unsavoury. I've got a shot of a Red Kite from a couple of years ago who was out to get me. Thankfully he didn't.

  • Hi TJ,  feel free to post the Red Kite's bum on here    LOL !!

  • OK, I'll see if I can find it. You don't want to be eating your tea when viewing it. LOL

  • LOL  - it's ok, finished tea !

  • Found it. Notice the way it moves its feet out of the way. I definitely wouldn't want be the recipient of that. Yuck.