Berry bush


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Berry bush

  • redwings.jpg
    Hi all! Can anyone identify the bush in the picture please? It's in a garden near us and in the last few days it has been nearly stripped of berries by (mainly) redwings - a delight to see. I want to get one of these shrubs so would ideally like to know the name (pyracantha?), preferably the variety if anyone knows it - thanks!
  • It could be this one Terry but i'm far from an expert

    Hopefully someone will know.

  • I've bought off these in the past and everything was good quality

  • Terry, as Alan has said its a pyracantha no idea of variety though. We have them in our garden as well but the blackies & thrush strip them by the end of Oct so none left when the migrants arrive.

  • Hi Terry, yes a Pyracantha.

  • Thanks!