Will Great Tits abandon nest due to building work?


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Will Great Tits abandon nest due to building work?

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    I have a small sized garden and have noticed that Great Tits have started to build a nest in my nestbox which is situated towards the end of the garden.  We will be having pebbledashing work done to our house at the end of April which includes scaffolding being erected a week beforehand around the house, the work will take approximately two weeks.  I am now worried that this will cause the birds to abandon their nest.

  • Hi Elizabeth welcome to the community.

    Is the box attached to the house or down the garden,if it's away from the house you have a good chance they will be ok.

  • Hi Alan, thanks for your reply.  The box is away from the house but the garden is small, the nestbox is approximately 15-20 ft from the extended part of the house.

  • It is surprising what birds will tolerate when breeding they seem to accept regular movement quite readily. We have had Bullfinch nesting next to a public road only a sew feet from heavy traffic all day long and they have been very successful.

  • Thank you.  I have added a photo to show you where the nestbox is situated in the garden, fingers crossed they will stay.

  • Looking at the photo Elizabeth I don't think you will have anything to worry about.

  • Many thanks to you both, much appreciated, I will give you an update after the work has been completed :)

  • Just to update you on the nesting Great Tits, the building work was postponed which was a relief in a way as I wasn't looking forward to the disruption in the garden. It has been lovely watching the comings and goings of the parent birds feeding their young.  Yesterday I saw one of the baby great tits appear at the hole of the nestbox while the parent bird fed it and the usual routine of the mother settling down for the night in the nestbox around 8.30 pm.  Around 7 am today I could see the parent birds feeding them in the nestbox, I didn't watch for a couple of hours but then noticed that the parent birds were taking food into the hedge nearby and also into next door's garden.  We went out for the day and returned early evening and the garden was quiet so I presumed they all had flown away.  This evening at 8.30 pm I noticed that the parent birds had come back into the garden for some food, I could tell it was the parents as the mother had her tail feathers missing, there was no sign of any young nearby and they didn't react with their alarm calls when a magpie visited as well, so now I'm not sure if the young survived as we have had problems with magpies and also have seen cats lurking in next door's garden.