I really am asking for a friend: budgies and electronic mouse deterrents


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I really am asking for a friend: budgies and electronic mouse deterrents

  • My wonderful neighbour is bird-sitting for a friend.  A budgie.  But she also has the odd mouse.  She is worried that her sonic mouse deterrent might be upsetting to the budgie.  Can anyone weigh in on this?  I've never cared for a "house bird" and we have an indoor cat, so no mice.  Many thanks for any advice or tips.  

  • Hi Urbanhawklover welcome to the community.

    I have no idea but just done a google on the subject and cannot find an answer other that the sonic devices don't seem to work when it comes to deterring Mice.

    I suppose the only way to tell is to switch it on and off and see if the Budgie reacts.

  • Thank you!  Yes, I seriously doubt a sonic mouse deterrent works, but it's not my house.  And you have a great idea.  Turn the thing off and on and see how the Budgie responds.  I am grateful!  

  • Good luck let us know how you get on it may help other people.

    Looking at your screen name I've just had this in my garden

  • I will report -- much appreciated.  And goodness gracious me -- what a beauty.  I became a birder from watching the Cornell Hawk Cam, and then the Osprey Cam -- which broke our hearts last year, but the two Ospreys are back and breeding.  Fingers crossed.  cams.allaboutbirds.org/.../Hellgate_Ospreys

  • Yep I saw it was a bad year there last year, there is a Loch Garten group that covers most of the UK Osprey webcams ww2.rspb.org.uk/.../915.aspx

  • It was so sad.  The moderators and hawk experts encouraged us not to anthropomorphize, and people really tried to keep it together.  But it was hard.  I checked out the link.  Thanks, again.  

  • Interested to hear of any response by the Budgie to turning the device on and off.  Good luck.  

    Fingers crossed for the Hellgate nest this year.  Because some Osprey nests suffer disaster I watch more than one, generally UK nests, just to prove to myself that some do succeed.  And I count on the long term success of the species by slow growth of numbers and nests.

  • Thanks for your response -- it's very wise that you watch more than one nest, and I'm going to encourage some friends to do so, for the reasons you mention.  Much appreciated.