I am a volunteer with royal society for the protection of birds in my spare time and amazed and thrilled with what the society does; the more people that we can recruit  to  volunteer to help,  the better. 

Animals, wildlife, all forms of life are my passion and in my little garden, where I live,I have created a haven for the wildlife, the butterflies, bugs, foxes, badgers, and all of the lower forms of life, which are to be treasured, as one can see from the past, all our animals are being depleted in number due to poaching, killing, poisoning and extermination.  We must not think that because we have any animal, eg. the birds, in any great number that they too, will not disappear, because they will, lest we look after, treasure them as we do ourselves; one great person wrote that  a country is judged by the way it treats its animals; look at Roumania, no comment.  After all, it was man who ruined Planet Earth and not the animal, hence, animals have just as much right if not more right to live peacefully on our Planet.